Monday, September 17, 2012

Our Weekend: Friends & Aggieland

We had a WONDERFUL weekend!!!  I did not want it to come to an end....

Friday we headed north to spend the weekend with some great friends.  We left Friday around lunch time.  Brady did great on the way up.  We were supposed to be surprising my friend but she already knew we were coming, ha!  That's okay it was still great to see them!

Saturday the boys watched football while us girls attended the baby shower.  Which was one of the main reasons we went.  After the shower, we grabbed something to eat and then watched the little bit of what was left of the Aggie game.  Finally, a fightin' Texas Aggie win!!!  We grilled out and just had a great time talking and hanging out.

 Cutest little Aggies!!
 Rylie and Brady had the best time playing.  She is going to be such a great BIG sister come November.

 Playing, playing

Sadly, I didn't get ONE picture of me and Brooke :( guess we were too busy talking and chasing after a 3yr old and 9M old.

Sunday we ate breakfast than got packed up and ready to head to my favorite place on earth - Aggieland.  Just feels like home there!  Miss that place so incredibly much.  It was extra special this time because it would be B's first trip there.  We drove around checking out all the new restaurants and development.  Then settled for lunch at one of our favorite hamburger places, Koppe Bridge.  It was so hard to pick where we would eat, we wanted to have all of our old favorites.  Brady got his first kids meal there.  ha!  Okay, he is eating more and more table food and I knew a hamburger wasn't an option so I got a kids chicken tenders basket - which he loved by the way!  I can barely get him to eat baby food anymore :( makes me so sad!

After we ate, we went to the campus to take B. around and give him a tour.  We also stopped at the bookstore and got some new Aggie gear.  B. got a new jersey, this little SEC football, and a few things for Christmas.  Daddy got a new shirt as well :)  I was content just being "home."  Here we are in the "living room of campus" - the flagroom in the Memorial Student Center (MSC).  Felt strange taking photos & pushing a stroller around while all the students were studying.  One student stopped to play the piano - love!

 Can you tell someone is in "mommy phase?!"  Love my sweet baby boy who happened to turn NINE months old on this day (Sunday).

 Kyle Field
 Putting his 1st penny on "Sully" - tradition at A&M is when you need good luck on a test, you put a penny on Sully or Sul Ross to bring you good luck.  There were times daddy wanted to leave his debit card, ha!
Sitting on the bench under the Century Tree.  Rumor is if you walk under w/ said boy then you will get married.  This is a really popular place where Aggies pop the question.
 Sunday was a big day!  Brady made his first trip to Texas A&M, he turned NINE months old, and his best friend Carter was born.  I'd say it was a pretty good day!  This afternoon we went up to the hospital to meet baby Carter and then went to Texas Roadhouse with the in-laws.  They kept Brady preoccupied in the car while AB and I went in to meet the new baby.  So hard to believe just *short* 9 months ago, Brady was that little and had just been born.  Times goes by SO quick!

Here was me and my sweet boy tonight!  I could just eat him up!!  I hope to get his 9 month post up tomorrow.

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  1. The photos of you guys on campus are absolutely adorable!