Monday, September 10, 2012

Our Weekend & finally Aggie football

We were so excited for this weekend.  It was finally game day for us Aggies.  Thanks to Hurricane Issac, our Thursday game against LA Tech was cancelled last week.  AB was not happy!

So Saturday it was all about Gameday!  Even more exciting is that ESPN's Game-day was held in College Station!!!  ESPN U even televised Midnight Yell.  Is it sad I almost cried because I miss College Station so much.  That place just feels like "home!"

The Aggies didn't win but we sure do have one cute little Aggie! 

Sadly, the Aggies did not BTHO the Gators.  Not sure why we can't keep it together during the 2nd half.  I'll just go with the ol' Aggie mantra...we didn't lose, just ran out of time.  Ha!  Even though we really didn't deserve to win after the way we played and all.those.penalties!!!  Either way, I am excited to be in the SEC - we got more TV coverage over the weekend than we have in 10 years!  Love seeing the SEC logo all over everything.

Sunday, we made it to church.  We had plans on taking B. to the nursery for the first time but decided against it since there were several bigger kids.  We ended up having the wiggle room all to ourselves. 

Oh how I love him!!
After church, we went into town to get a few things from Target.  We had Freebirds for lunch.  Brady was a fan.  I got chicken nachos so he got to have rice, chicken, and sliced avocado.  Yummy!  Even though he was more interested in socializing and waving at everybody.  As long as mommy or daddy is there, he is a social butterfly - but don't get too close.  ha!  He is definitely in a mommy/daddy clingy phase.  So tomorrow should be interesting when I take him to the church nursery during bible study.

We made a stop at My Favorite Muffin on the way home.  Once we got home, it was nap-time for B. and daddy.  So I indulged in my half a muffin (I was nice enough to save half for AB) and a cup of coffee.  I organized my coupon binder or more like threw away all the old, expired coupons and then went through some old school.  I'm in desparate need of organizing things around here, making a home management binder, and just plain purging of things.  I'm tired of having "stuff" around here.  Hopefully, I'll get some of these things done before too long.

And finally...AB is installing our new microwave today!  We decided to go with stainless steel to match our fridge.  The rest of our appliances are black.  We figured as other appliances go out, we'll replace them with stainless steel as well.  My helper/assistant...

We have a busy week ahead and a fun weekend coming up!

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