Thursday, September 13, 2012

To Houston & Kindermusik

Tuesday we hit the road to Houston.  A dear friend of mine has to go to Houston ever so often to see doctors at Baylor Clinic and I gladly drive her to and from.  It's great since my parents live in Houston.  We are able to spend the night and get to spend some time with my mom/mimi.  Plus I think I'm really a big city girl.  I love Houston and all it has to offer.  The resturarants, the grocery stores (yes I love a good grocery store, sadly we don't have any in our area), all the fancy people, all the hustle and bustle, and the long list of things to do.  I just love it!  So I always look forward to going so I can hit up good restaurants, eat breakfast at Panera Bread (we don't have one of those either!), shop at Whole Foods, and shop at any other wonderful place like Home Goods, Target because their is so much better than ours, as well as Marshall's.

On the way up, we made a quick stop to see my Granny.  She lives in a nursing type facility so I knew she'd love to see Brady.  We surprised her and she was so thrilled!  Made her day!  I'm so glad I took the 30 minutes to stop.  Brady and his great Granny! :)

 Granny said she was sorry she didn't have any toys for him or even a sucker.  Ha!  I love old people!  He had the best time playing destroying a stack of magazines on her couch.  She said she was going to throw them away anyway.  She kept laughing and saying "he is having the best time with those!" 

We stopped for something to eat and these were the fries that came with our hamburger.  They were huge!!  Good thing we were splitting the meal. ha! 

My mom was working when we got there so we went and spent some time at my sister's.  Madyson couldn't wait to see/hold Brady.  Always a good time with cousins and Aunt Kara :)
Wednesday we got up early to head to the dr appts.  Brady loved playing in Mimi's bathroom while I got ready.

After I dropped Stefanie off, I headed to my mom's work.  Then left Brady with her while I went back to have lunch with Stefanie.  It felt so strange not having a baby attached to me while I was out.  But the *little* breaks are always good.  He got to have lunch with Mimi, I think he was excited! :)

Stefanie was done a little after 4 and we then started our way back south.  Brady did okay on the way home, except for the 30 minutes he screamed.  ha!  I was worn out and fell asleep before 10 last night.  That is super early for me! 
And we had exciting plans for this morning.  We had our first Kindermusik class.  B. was a little unsure at first but I think he is going to really like it.  It gives us something to do and gets us out of the house.  Afterwards, we ran errands and he took a long nap in the car.  I'm looking forward to our Thursday mornings together.  I could just eat him up!  He is getting more precious by the day...

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