Sunday, December 16, 2012

12 Months - Brady turns ONE!

I really can't wrap my head around the fact that this time last year we were waiting on the on-call doctor to arrive to take us into the OR. 

Let me just say it was a pure agony waiting for her.  I remember having all these fears and one of them being a c-section.  It was actually one of my greatest fears and one I prayed would not happen.  But God had other plans and at 11:50pm, December 16th 2011 - we were finally able to meet our precious baby for for the first time.

It had been one looooong, exhausting day!   Especially for daddy.

But it was all worth it and one year later we celebrate our sweet baby boy turned one year old!

Here is what you are up to now that you are 12 MONTHS OLD...which I like much better than 1 year old.

Weight - not sure, I'm guessing 18-19lbs
Height - not sure

Personality - off the charts, only the cutest little boy in south Texas ;)

Size 3 diaper but once we are done w/ these we are moving up to 4

Size 9 or 12M clothes.  Some 9M stuff is too small for you while 12M is a little too big.

Size 4 shoe, but I've started buying you size 5 because I don't think 4 is going to fit much longer.  You have always had big bear feet.

You are still nursing, as of now and actually nursing more than ever because of your one year molars coming in.

And speaking of teeth, you still have 8 but working on your incision and 1 year molars.  Which have made you definitely more clingy and kind of grumpier than usual.  I'm hoping they come in really soon!

You are walking pretty much full time.  I'd say 70% walking, 30% crawling.

You are so sure-footed and can get up and down steps in no time.  Which is scary, yet good?

As I said earlier your personality is off the charts.  You are the sweetest, most loveable, and friendliest little boy!  You love to wave at people, say 'HI!" to them, and smile at them.  You are also so funny!  You love to play "where's Brady?!" (our version of peek-a-boo) and you love for us to chase you.  You just giggle which such delight!

You are also quite the chatter-box and are talking more and more.   So far you can say, "dog", "side", "dat", "tree", "mamma", "dada", "dad", "happy", "yes", "eye", "nose" and it seems like there is more, I just can't remember.  You are great at mimicking any sounds that we make or words we say.

The first thing you say in the morning is "doooog" and "side".  I guess you know when we first get up we take the dogs, outside to potty.  Such a smart boy!

You also love to look out the front windows and watch the world go by.  Or watch the neighbors walk their "dooog".  You say dog SO incredibly cute!  I'm going to try to get it on video. 

You are starting to independent play more, which this momma loves.  I love to watch you play and see your little mind working.  Your favorite toys are the dogs, your xylophone, your V-tech sit and ride race car, spatulas, and anything you can push around like your trucks.

You are getting more into books, but mostly because you like to chew on them.  But you will sit and let us read to you, on your terms of course.  You are just so busy!

Just yesterday, you learned how to crawl into the tub or out of the tub.  Luckily we already have to keep all the bathrooms doors shut since you love the toilet paper and toilets!  Yuck!!!

You are a pretty good eater most days.  You will try just about anything we put in front of you but your favorites lately are: homemade guacamole (by the spoonfuls), lo-mein, cheese (string and cheddar), apple slices, baked chicken nuggets, and honey dew melon you love.

You are still nursing throughout the day but I also started giving you regular milk in a sippy cup to help transition you.  Some days you could take it or leave it...but I'll keep trying.  Other than mommy's milk and cow's milk, you only ever drink water in a sippy cup.

We actually celebrated his birthday last weekend with family and friends.  I'll do a another post just on that and our day today.  I'll also post his stats (if I remember) once we get them from his check-up.

 Happy 12 months baby boy!!! :)

I can not believe it's been a year since we first saw your sweet face.  And since you turned our family of 2 into 3.  And transformed us into parents.  While your birth day was definitely trying, with lots of ups & downs...I am forever thankful for the day God breathed precious life into this world with you, Brady Allen.  You are our everything!  We love you more than words could ever express.  And we thank God everyday for you and your sweet sweet spirit.  You are our heart's delight, our joy in this dark world.

Thank you sweet Jesus for picking us to be Brady's parents.  Brady, we pray everyday you will have a heart for Jesus and you will learn to love BIG through our actions.  We also pray that whatever it may be that God will use you for, that it will be for His kingdom and to glorify Him.  I realize you are only 12 months old but we couldn't be more proud to be your parents.  We love you and love watching you grow!

Love, Mommy and Daddy

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