Thursday, December 20, 2012

Growing Up!

Oh my, how amazing it is to watch your children grow.  I mean simply grow right before your eyes.  Today I heard on the radio how when you watch your kids play and just think how amazing God is.  Tears filled up my eyes. 

Because I find myself so often lately, just amazed by His love.

Amazed by the simple fact that Brady is mine.

Amazed how smart he is.  Amazed how his little mind works.

And I can't help but be taken back by God's love.  What a wonderful Creator we have.

Oh how He loves us!

So here's what has been going on in our little world...

I started keeping a friends baby a few days a week.  Brady is finally warming up to him and it is precious to see him interact with him.
I think we have a little nurturer on our hands.  He will learn over to him and say "hi!" in his sweet little voice.  I seriously need to get him on video talking.

He also likes to help me pat him while trying to burp him.

He loves to rip his socks off and recently wanted to give him kisses.  Talk about melt my heart!

I tried getting pictures of them under the Christmas tree when they were both in red.  Yeah, pretty much impossible, ha!

I did manage to get one decent one! :)  Sweet friends!  Their daddy's are best friends.

In other news...Brady learned to talk on the phone.  Or that an iPod plays music??  I'm not sure but he has always had music playing in his room since he was born.  On an iPod docking station.  Well, he decided he needed the iPod and took it upon himself to get it down.  I noticed yesterday he kept putting it up to his ear.  ha!  Like as if he was listening to the music or talking on the phone??

 Cracks me up.  He is so intent too!

Amazes me what they pick up on from just watching us.  The song "be careful little eyes what you see/hear..." is so true!  I often have to remind myself of this.  They learn so much by what we do, instead of what we say.

So funny!

He also was being such a ham yesterday!  And really enjoyed his chicken spaghetti and peas for dinner.  Lately, he has been a huge fan of peas.  And of course white bean hummus.

What a MESS!!!

Other than peeing on a rug today (yeah, don't ask!)...we are enjoying our time together!  I am SO thankful I get to watch him grow up right before my eyes.  While staying home isn't always easy (financially or socially) I am forever grateful that is what God called me to do.  His ways are always best and I praise Him for that!

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