Sunday, December 2, 2012

Our Weekend & Christmas decor

Hello December!  Normally, I am super excited when December rolls around but this year it is bitter-sweet.  Because we will be celebrating B. turning 1.!  Where has the time gone?  He is growing too fast for this momma's heart.

So I am trying to soak in every moment before he turns one.  Our weekend was rather low-key which was much needed.  Friday, honestly I don't even remember what we did.  Oh yeah, we went to my in-laws for dinner.  Pizza!  I was happy to have a night off from cooking.

And I tried getting the rest of the Christmas decorations up!  I'm slowly chipping away at it.

Between Christmas, sewing orders, and planning B's party...I am exhausted.

I had planned to go to a Christmas shopping thing with a friend but plans fell through.  Which I was actually kind of glad because I just wanted a night-in.  I know, so sad.  And old.

Whew, you turn 30 and hmm yeah, turn boring.

Saturday, I worked in my sewing room.  Which is one giant mess that I drives me nuts!  I am hoping to have it all organized, one day.

My friend came over with her baby & spent the afternoon with us.  I watch her baby a few days a week so it was fun to see her & him!  Her husband ended up coming over when he got off work and we had dinner together.  I made Trisha Yearwood's Chicken Tortilla soup and it was delicious!  Hmm with 4 cups of half and half, it should be!

It was a nice little evening with friends and babies.

Today we didn't make it to church, which I was kind of sad because it's the first Sunday of Advent.  I love the Advent season.  But we were going to a Christmas musical to watch my mother-in-law sing and so we stayed home so B. would at least get one nap in for the day.

 So much fun!

It was in another town about an hour away.  I will say it was not a place for an 11 month old.  Luckily his grandfather was more than willing to take him out during the performance.

When we got home, we made a trip to Home Depot to pick out a REAL Christmas tree.  I've wanted to do a real tree but AB says he's allergic.  I don't believe him ;) so we are testing it out this year! 
But really real trees just scream Christmas to me and I wanted to put one up in our kitchen/dining area and a small 5ft real one was prefect for the spot!  It is my most favorite tree!  And I think it will know be our new family tradition to go pick out a real tree.

 B. loved riding in the buggy/basket.

Our Christmas tree shopping was so fun...even if it's 80 degrees outside.

And now for it all decorated...the easiest tree I've decorated in my life!  Less is more with this one!

 Burlap, a few snowflakes, and Peace.

 For until us...a child is born.


And I think I finally got the BIG tree done!  Only after putting 115 shatterproof ornaments on it...less is NOT more in this case! ;)

My mom taught me that you can never have too much on your tree!

Hard to get a good picture.  I'll have to get a good one w/ our DSLR.  And I need to get more fabric for the skirt.  AB ended up putting the tree on a big piece of wood and anchored it so there is no way B can pull it over.

And that pretty much sums up our weekend.  My view as I write this...

We have a busy week ahead!  For this next Saturday is this not-so-little anymore guy's birthday party!

Hope you all have a blessed week!  And know God's grace is enough to get you through...

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