Sunday, December 16, 2012

Brady's Birthday

Today was Brady's birthday.  The big FIRST birthday!

I can admit I really wasn't looking forward to it because it means he is growing up and in my opinion growing way too fast.  But I am also excited about what the next year holds for us.  I do love and adore watching him grow and learn new things.

He delights me everyday with all the things he does.  And amazes me.

We had his actual "party" last weekend with family and friends and I'll post about that hopefully tomorrow.

But today we celebrated with just us, our little family of three.  The perfect way in my opinion.

When Brady woke up this morning, we let him open his birthday gifts.  It is so hard since his birthday is so close to Christmas and last weekend, he got a slew of presents.  So we kept it low-key with only 2 gifts.  A John Deere driving wheel dash, which he loves and a V-tech rhyme & discovery book.  Thought it would be a great toy for in the car on long rides.  It plays music and lights up which is always good when in the car at night.

 He was a great little present opener!

 Is that not the sweetest face?  Oh be still my heart.
After opening his presents, I made him cake batter pancakes with sprinkles with glaze icing.  Sugar overload!
Pancakes are his favorite for breakfast so I thought I'd do them instead of doing a whole cake.  Because let's be real...I'd be the one to eat on it all week.

 "This little light of mine, I'm gonna let it shine!"


We sang him "Happy Birthday" and then enjoyed breakfast together.

Shortly after it was nap-time and our sweet birthday boy took a glorious 3 hour nap!  I was really upset that we didn't make it to church but I just couldn't bring myself to wake him up to get dressed to go.  He has been in such a better mood since he finally got a good nap.  I think he's been over tired and his naps just aren't doing the job these days.  We have one cranky baby by 5pm every evening.

But once we all got up from napping, we cleaned up some and then took a family trip to Bealls and Wal-Mart.  I know, exciting! ;)

Once we got home, I made Brady his favorite homemade guacamole and we loaded up to go have dinner at AB's parents.

Then it was time to head home for a bath and bed.  Such a rough life for a sweet boy!

I rocked him to sleep tonight and stared into the Christmas tree as I was overwhelmed by emotions.  What an incredible year it has been!  Brady taught his about a love that we never even knew existed.  Taught us how this life isn't about ourselves but about loving others as we love ourselves.  He has forced us to enjoy each day (even when I didn't "feel" like it), seize the moments, and to pray like we've never prayed before.  And that even when your skies are gray, there is sunshine.  As I rocked him, I couldn't help but think about those mommas and daddys who would never be able to celebrate another birthday or rock their baby to sleep at night.  My heart just breaks for them and the town of Newton.  May God continue to pour out of his love an comfort on them, especially as the world continues to live on and their world stand-still as they grieve and process this horrific tragedy.

Sweet boy...I hope you had an amazing 1st birthday and we look to celebrating many more!  Just not right away...

Love you to pieces baby boy!

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