Wednesday, January 16, 2013

13 Months

Brady, you are 13 months old today.  13 months and 5 minutes to be exact (at this particular moment 11:55pm).

I still refer to you has a "baby" and get somewhat offended that some refer to you as a toddler.  You will always be my baby!!  No matter what age you are...

You are up to so much these days.

You weigh 18lbs 12.5oz
You are ???? inches long (totally didn't ask the Dr when we were there Monday)
You still have 8 teeth but are working on 4 MORE, yes 4.  We are definitely ready for those teeth to come through.  This round of teething has definitely been the worse.  Incision & one year molars.
You are still nursing.  I was trying to wean you at least during the day but since we've been under the weather, that is just not happening.  You do get a bottle of whole milk before going to bed.
You wear a size 3 diaper...but should probably move to a 4 ASAP!
You wear mostly 9-12M clothes.
You wear a size 4 or 5 shoe.

 Today at the farmers market with Mimi.

You LOVE "side" outside!  And going for rides in your wagon.

 You are also into eating and reading the mail.  Such a smart boy!

You also love playing with all your new toys!  Your favorites are your xylophone, hand bell, your V-tech race car, the V-tech push around train, the corn popper, and this big dump/trash truck that makes so much noise, and your John Deere tractor wheel/dash.  To keep you interested, I have to rotate your toys in & out often.  You get bored, very quickly or easily!

You also have just about mastered putting the letters into the little spots on your train.  I showed you twice how to do it and now you can do it on your own 99% of the time.  We cheer big cheers when you get them in.

Such a SMART boy!  Makes this momma & teacher heart proud :)

And you are just as cute as can be!!
You are talking more and more each day.  You can now say, "mama" "dada" "hi" "Reno (wen-o), "dawg" "nene" "dat" "o" and occasionally "no!"  You will sometimes repeat a word after us.  Like "tricky" when daddy says you are doing something tricky like standing up on your little racing car.

You are such a SWEET boy!  You love to tell people "hi!" and you love to share your food, especially with Reno & Coco.  You also make sure Reno or Coco have their toys, you will often take them their toy when you find one.  You also pet them so sweetly.  Sweet little pats on their back.  You also are intrigued by their noses & eyes and try to poke those, ha!

You are very much a busy body!  And a will push things up against the couch, ottoman, counters in order to see or get to what you want.  You have successfully gotten onto the couch and off the couch  Yikes!
And you are very proud of yourself!

You still love to be chased.  And just playing with momma and daddy.  You also love getting into our closets and the toilets!!!  We have to keep the bathroom doors closed ALL the time or else you will find yourself in trouble.

You are still a fairly good eater but definitely not as good as an eater.  But I think being sick (with a cold then a nasty stomach virus) and teething, eating just doesn't interest you.  You love guacamole, chicken (sometimes), coconut milk, white bean hummus, pickled okra, mac n cheese, cantaloupe, peas & cheese.

Lately, we've been under the weather and it just stinks!  Momma is ready for us to be well again!  We've also had some pretty chilly weather so I'm taking full advantage of putting you in your winter clothes.  You still aren't sleeping through the night but who's counting........

Other than that we've been spending lots of days at home in our PJs or comfy clothes.  I love getting to spend everyday with you.  You bring us unspeakable joy!

Time is fleeting and I don't want to miss a thing...We love and adore you! 

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