Monday, January 7, 2013

Ags WIN the Cotton Bowl!!!!!!!!!!

Friday was a BIG day for us, Aggies!  It was game day for us!  The Cotton Bowl...Aggies vs. OU.

There was just a bit of excitement around here, with a little bit of anxiety (well for me).  AB never doubted we would win.

During the day, we played and prepped for the big game.  We practiced our yells, singing the Aggie War Hymn, and holding our hands up & saying "aaaaaa Gig 'Em Aggies!"

 I can't stand the cuteness...I die!!!
 "aaaaaaa gig 'em Aggies!"

We originally planned to have friends coming to stay with us from out of town, but plans fell through so it ended up just being us at home watching the game.  There was lots of cheering, yelling, kissing and "ahhhhh gig 'em Aggies!" going on.  Aggie tradition is every time we score points, you are to kiss your date or child ;) 

 I knew I'd be taking the tree down over the weekend so I took the moment to take baby boys' photo in front of it.  In his 12th Man jersey...our lucky token.  The 2 times he didn't wear it, we lost.  So it is a must for game day! :)

We ordered wings and parked ourselves in front of the TV.  Brady included.  We typically don't let him watch TV but this was an exception, ha!  We moved his high chair into the living room and enjoyed the first quarter of the game.  During half-time, B got a bath and then was put to bed.  But as luck would have it...he woke up just as the game was finishing.  He got lots of kisses!! 

Tired boy loving on daddy
And in case you didn't watch or know...the Aggies beat OU!!!  WHOOOP!!!

FEELS soooooo GOOD to finally be winning again!!!  I mean honestly, it's a LONG time (before my time at A&M, plus 10 years ago) that we've had a winning season.  We LOVE us some Johnny Football and Coach Sumlin.  I mean we looove Aggie football, win or lose...but it definitely feels amazing to be winning!  Especially winning in the SEC...LOVE it!

Can not wait until football season in the fall!  I know B. can't wait either :)  Until next the fall...B would like to say thanks & gig em!!

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