Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Pigs, goats, & cows -oh my! (a play-date)

Last Thursday, we had fun play-date planned with some of our Kindermusik friends.  It is livestock show time around here so we took advantage of taking the kiddos out to show them around.

Brady was all about the animals.  He wasn't scared to pet them or call them.  According to him they were all either "dawg" or "We-no" even though I tried to explain they were neither a dog or Reno.

We met up with our friends and went through all the barns looking at the exhibits.  First up was the pigs.  And oh my how I had forgotten the awful smell of livestock shows...either that or when you are "young" you just don't notice those things!  Because I do not remember it smelling that bad when I showed pigs, hmm almost 11 years ago.

Our first stop:  the pigs!

Next the goats!
Brady really liked the goats.  Kept calling them "we-no, we-no" and reaching into the pen to pet them.  So cute to watch!

Then the rabbits...a sweet mom let all the kids pet her son's bunnies. 

 Sweet friends.  O & Brady.

Next up...the ugly birds!  Turkeys & chickens.
 Lots of walking...
And looking...and smells! ;)
We stopped and looked at the lambs, then our last stop were the cows.  By this point, Brady was in melt-down mode and mommy was sweating from chasing him.  He insisted on walking through this exhibit but it was filled with cow manure so he was not the happiest about being held.  I was also probably breaking out into sweats as he "squealed" at the cows, all while me panicking he didn't startle one of them.  I'm sure the exhibitors were thrilled to see us go, ha!

We did manage to get a group photo...and ha what do you know we are the only ones not looking, ha!  This is real life folks...B wanted a snack during the picture and we are missing a shoe!  The other kiddos & moms look great though :)

Brady refused to stay in the stroller.  He wanted to be on the loose, Mr. Independent!  Walked until his little legs just shouldn't anymore!
It turned out to be a beautiful day!  After a much needed nap, we made a trip to the mall for B. some new clothes and jacket.  Thanks to his Mimi!!!

These are the moments/day I live for.  Seeing the world through my child's eyes...there is nothing sweeter!  I'm so thankful I am able to experience and make these kind of memories with B.  I cherish these so much, even if they aren't always easy on this sweaty, nervous-wreck momma! ;)

"While we try to teach our children all about life, our children teach us what life is all about."

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