Monday, January 7, 2013

First weekend of 2013

So we had a fun weekend with friends and a productive one at home.  Friday was game day for us.  Where the Aggies beat OU in the Cotton Bowl Classic.  GREAT way to start the weekend!!

Saturday, we hung out around the house.  I did some laundry and started getting the rest of Christmas taken down.  Early afternoon we headed to a near-by town to a friends house for dinner.  Brady and G. got to play while us adults chatted.  The boys in the living room and the girls in the kitchen.  Isn't that how it goes?

Robyn fixed a yummy Pinterest dish with rice.  I made a pot of beans and then we had chips & dips!

Brady and G. played so well together.  Grace is a talker and SO cute!  She was cracking us up with all her talking.  And I think Brady is "talking" so much more now too.  Crazy how quick they pick up on stuff.

The "Princess" cozy coupe was definitely a hit with these two.  We were laughing so this will be there in 15 years.  Yikes!!
 They also enjoyed watching Micky Mouse together.  Except Brady didn't understand you aren't supposed to have touch the screen/iPad.

 But isn't this so cute??  They are going to be life-long Aggie friends! ;)
And all boy here...not even caring it's PINK!  Haha...I think we may need to get him a cozy coupe or 4 wheeler.

Brady says "bye bye"

We stayed way past B's bed time but luckily we thought ahead and changed him into pjs for the ride home.  He was sound asleep within 5 minutes of leaving G's house.  Such sweet babies & fun night!  So glad to have great friends near by!

Then Sunday, we planned to meet up with some other great friends who happen to be in the area for the weekend.  So we got up Sunday and got going so we could meet up for pancakes.  Yum!

 Sweet boy on our way.

 Love this next picture (except B would NOT look).  The dads and their babies...just precious!  We've come a long way from college fun...
 And then the mommas with no babies ;) on the other end of the table!

I so wish we lived closer to Britt & Brooke!  We really do miss them since moving from College Station.  Maybe all the stars will align just right and we can move back.  ha!  I can only hope/wish.  So blessed with such amazing friends!  Loved getting to see The Lloyd family!  Just wish we had more time...

And for some random and my sweet boy!

I LOVE baby feet!  Sweetest little things ever!  And someone instantly pulls their socks/shoes off while in the car..

And we finally got around to hanging curtains in the dining room/kitchen.  I've only the curtains for 2 years!  I really like how it looks, thanks AB for hanging the rod.  We would have hung the rod higher up but couldn't because the curtains weren't long enough.  Fail on my part...but when I bought the curtains we had a sliding glass door so I didn't count for the trim.  Anyway looks much better than what it did when we bought the house.  We also cleaned out a bunch of stuff from the garage and I got the rest of Christmas put away, except for the little tree in the dining room.  I love it too much to take it down so I'm going to enjoy it until the tree dies! :)  It only has lights, burlap, and Christmas cards on it...

And a self-portrait.  I've been loving the cold weather and wearing all my scarves.  I've been dressing up everyday so I can get in all my cold weather clothes...because in south TX it could be 80 tomorrow.  So I'm enjoying it while I can!

Hope you all had a great first weekend of 2013!  Looking forward to what this next weekend has in store...maybe painting the door in our kitchen!

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