Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Friends, Fun & Ribs

Is that not the cutest lil' face...Miss Rylie Grace!
my boys for the weekend...someone has to keep them in line
Friday night at our house
Al enjoying the coconut buttermilk pie I made, mmm taste so good!
Is that not the biggest rib you have ever seen?

So I told you all I was going to College Station like weekend, well the real story is we went to Caldwell not College Station. While Caldwell is very close to College Station and while we had an amazing time in Caldwell, I was so sad not to at least see the beautiful sights of College Station. But that is okay because the reason for our trip was Britt's Surprise Birthday Party. Brooke planned a wonderfully, fun birthday party and Britt WAS surprised! Overall, I do believe the weekend and party was a success!

Al leaned down to get something and popped the lens out of Allen's Oakley's right after I said "Babe, you've had those Oakley's for awhile now - I'm so proud of you!" Haha, very funny moment on the way to Caldwell!

Saturday morning, we left San Antonio at 9am and headed to Caldwell. On our way, we stopped at McDonald's so I could get sugar-free vanilla iced coffee (yum!) and then made a stop at Bill Miller's BBQ for breakfast tacos (also delicious!). When arrived to The Lloyd's right around noon. The boys headed to the golf course and Brooke and I played dress up with Miss Rylie. I made a few outfits for Rylie to promote Honey B. Boutique and because she is an official model for Honey B. Boutique. After playing dress up, Brooke and I rushed around town getting last minute things ready for the party. Around 3:30 the boys arrived back at the house, and we (AB, Al, and me) said we were off & headed to the football game. Britt & Brooke were headed to her mom's to drop off Rylie's diaper bag and then headed out of town for the night...or so Britt thought! All of this was just a ploy to throw Britt off...well looks like we did a good job because when he got to Brooke's mom and we all shouted "surprise!" he was surprised! We had hamburgers, the boys watched football, while all the ladies chatted. It was a great night! And to top it off, the Aggies won! Whoop! I hope we can keep up this winning streak :)


the boys sittin' around watching football after a hard day on the golf course

Rylie in the pillowcase dress I made for her

with the flower head-band I made, soon to be on Honey B. Boutique

Sunday morning, Al had to catch his flight back to Amarillo at 1:25pm so we headed back to San Antonio around 9:30am. On the way back, we decided to take a small detour to Lockhart - BBQ Capital of Texas. There are several BBQ choices in this small town - 2 most popular choices are Kreuz and Black's. We chose Black's and wow! The boys wanted their massive beef ribs...2lb ribs!!! They were HUGE! 4lbs of meat = $40 - no I am not kidding! I offered to drive the boys back the rest of the way so they could enjoy their massive dinosaur bone! Ha! Al made his flight on time...Allen and I came home and napped the rest of the day.

Al ready for his rib fest!

That's just what my 10lb baby needs...a rib bigger than him!

It was such a great weekend! I don't think AB has had that much fun in a long time and it was way over due. AB, Al, and Britt have been friends now for 10 years and it was so great to see them just hang out, just like ol' times only our bed time now is several hours earlier. Ha! At 11pm, we all were ready for bed! It was a wonderful weekend with great friends and lots & lots of food - way too much food!

Gig 'em Aggies!

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