Friday, September 18, 2009

Love at First Sight!

Exciting times at our house...yesterday the UPS man delivered my ice blue KitchenAid mixer! And it WAS love at first sight! She is just beautiful!!! And SILLY AB asked me, "so what cabinet is she going in?!" I think he got the point by the look on my face! She will be displayed on the counter for all to see! Also, I'm not going to break my back, getting her out of the cabinet every time I want to "mix something up!" I do hope one day when we build a house, I'll have an appliance garage but for now, she'll be set on the counter. I can't wait to use her & bake something yummy, I actually think I'll use her today when I make my buttermilk pies - I do believe she needs a name...any ideas?!

Ohhhh, la, la...isn't she beautiful?!

We have a busy day & weekend planned. AB's friend Al (aka Big Al) is flying in today so I'm busy getting our house ready for him, cleaning, doing laundry, baking pies (my famous buttermilk pies, I'll be sure & post the recipe), doing some sewing, and then packing. Tomorrow we are headed to home sweet home, College Station!! I can't wait! I hope we get to eat at Wings n More!!! We will be staying with our wonderful friends - Britt, Brooke, & Rylie! I can't wait to see baby Rylie, hold her & kiss her! She is so incredibly cute & growing so fast! Don't worry I'll post pics of our trip as soon as we return.
My dad, mom, 2 brothers, and aunt are headed to the beautiful Colorado mountains this Saturday for their big elk hunt trip. Please pray for their safety while on this trip & that they come home with a prize, a big elk! They will be "roughin' it" staying in tents in the mountains, taking pack-out horses into the mountains to hunt, and my mom & aunt are the cooks. They are VERY excited! I hope they have an awesome trip but pray for their safety! Hope everyone has a fabulous weekend!


  1. I love you blog! Good luck subbing tomorrow!!! Let me know how it goes!! I love your mixer. I'm trying to think of a name.....hmmmm.......Mr. Freeze just keeps coming into my head with the "ice blue" color. You'll come up with a great one, I'm sure!!
    Love you!

  2. You certainly have to bake something yummy now that you have that mixer! "She" definitely is meant to be on the counter:)