Thursday, September 3, 2009

House update...

Ask & you shall receive (Laura Duck) is our new fancy washer & dryer (yeah the ones that play a soft melody when the load is done) - makes doing laundry so much more pleasant. Notice the rugs...the laundry room is strictly MY room & the only room I got away with putting PINK in :) silly husband whom I love more than words!

My mom came to us see last week & thanks to her & her wonderful creative-ness, our kitchen is no longer white, white! (my only compliant about our new place, the kitchen is SO white & while I could paint it, I'd rather not mess w/ all that...) Kind of hard to see all the wonderful things she bought for the kitchen & the beautiful flower arrangement she made above the fridge. This picture really doesn't do it justice. If you click on the photo it should enlarge for you :) and I realize my RED "Cake Fixes Everything" sign doesn't really go but I just couldn't part with it...
But a BIG thanks to my mom for being so giving & helping us turn our place into a home! We love you!

Callie Kit-Kat is feeling much better after her accident Sunday night...thank the Lord nothing was broken & required no surgery :) just limited exercise which FYI is almost impossible with a 6 month old kitten & if I try to lock her in the bathroom, she cries & then Reno barks b/c he wants her out (they can't stand NOT to be together) such a crazy life I lead...haha!

Look for my next post - the recipe to these easy & delicious chocolate drizzled macaroons!

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  1. Don't you just LOVE your washer/dryer? I never knew laundry could bring so much bliss :) I didn't get the pedastals either - figured I've never had a washing maching at my waist height - so no need to start now for $400! :)