Tuesday, September 29, 2009


So I am a recipe hoarder/freak! I own so many cookbooks, so many that I can't even count that high...haha! Literally half of the guest bedroom closet is cookbooks. And I also have a ton of cooking magazines and recipes I have printed from via internet or just jotted down quickly by someone I knew, etc. Recently, I've been trying to come up with a way to keep them better organized - yes, I lack organization skills to say the least. I know where I put things but heaven forbid someone else try to rummage through my recipe closet - that would just be simply dangerous! Just ask AB :) Well, my friend Sara posted on Facebook this morning that she was creating a recipe book...so Sara (wonderful friend you are!) introduced me to TasteBook. And I am hooked! As if I need something else to take up my time right now...but let me say that this is a brilliant idea! You can search recipes (through some of the best recipe sites out there), you can add your own, and then you can print or have them print/make you your OWN recipe book! It even says "the best place to search and organize your recipes" and you can even ADD your own personal photos!!!! You can even add recipes later or as you go...forgot one, add it in! I can not wait to create my own TasteBook...these would also make wonderful gifts to family members or friends. All those cherished family recipes, make a book so they are never lost. Make your grandchildren, nieces or nephews cookbooks...the possibilities are endless. I am so very excited and just had to share!

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