Thursday, September 24, 2009

The Un-imaginable...

While I can not even imagine the heartache and the pain these families feel and while I do not personally do not know either family, it still breaks my heart to hear their stories. I ran across The Sullivan's Blog Monday or Tuesday night...and since then I've seen it mentioned 3 other times from various places & blogs. I am not really sure why...but I think it is something that needs to be shared. When something like this happens - like the unimaginable all I can think is that it is our duty to pull together and lift up one another in prayer. Please read this incredible story of a inspiring FAITH...I think we can all learn something from Sara Sullivan.

The Sullivans

There is also another family who I would like you to pray for. There is now a family with a newborn and 4 older children who have lost their mother and a husband grieving the loss of his wife. It is so hard to wrap your head around God's plan...but I guess it's not our job to understand His plan.

The Fowler Family

I know both of these families need your prayers more than ever! Not to damper your mood even more but lately it seems like my life has been surrounded by death. Two days ago the elderly man that lives downstairs from us, who walks his dog everyday, is always outside cleaning his patio, etc...passed away and for some reason it has really been bothering me. This morning I woke up at 10 til 6 wide awake, thinking about this man who I barely even knew (other than the occasional hello, how are you?). I even made a comment to AB, I'm really worried and sad about our neighbor. It was about a quarter to 4 Tuesday afternoon when I looked out the patio door and saw not one but two SAPD cars - I thought that's strange so I walked outside and there was 3 police cars and they were at the door of the apartment downstairs. I went to the grocery store and came back (30 mins later) and they were still here and now there was a SAPD truck here with a camper on it and EMS. I continued to look out the blinds occasionally and around 5pm, the medical examiner pulled up, got out of her car w/ a camera and a guy took several white folded blankets/sheets out of the back. My heart then fall into my stomach...I called AB at work and he said go ask if everything is okay. So I did and the look on the police officers face said it all. They did say it is not a safety issue or concern for the residents but that considering the circumstances things are the best they could be. Finally, at 6pm the officers locked up the apartment and left. I am assuming the man lived alone. We have never seen anyone else in or out of the apartment. My heart just aches for his dog. He walked that dog everyday and you could tell they were the best of friends! And for the man himself. I have yet to see anyone at the apartment since then...until now, looks like some kind of cleaning person and I'm not talking about Merry Maids. A guy in a white pick-up with gloves, cleaners, trash bags, etc. It's like I'm watching a scene from CSI or Law or Order...only it's real! Just makes me wonder if there was anything I could have done to help him...I guess it's more of the unknown that makes me uneasy. And the fact that there has been so much death around me lately. But it really makes me stop and think about my life and the life that I lead and how maybe I should step out of my comfort zone a little more because you never know how might need your help.

On a lighter note, now that I've depressed you all...last night was my 3rd week of women's bible study at Oak Hills. It was so uplifting! Funny because I really did NOT want to go and almost acted like I forgot but conviction set it and I said okay, I will go! I definitely want to share with you because it was a very powerful message BUT I have LOTS of sewing to do in order to get Honey B. Boutique up and running! And I'm sure you other things you need to do too - other than read my blog. Ha! Also more on Honey B. Boutique to come...

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  1. I just found your blog on kellys korner from her Show Us Your Life post from last week. I am FTACO '04 (whoop!) and I just wanted to say HOWDY. You have some yummy recipes on your blog that I can't wait to try!! :)