Tuesday, September 1, 2009

We Love Duck!

Laura aka "Duck" and I "Nanners" have been friends since 2001 and is someone we consider family. The Meador family were always considered her "Houston family" - she is originally from Amarillo. "Duck" and I lived together in the spring of 2002 while I was going to Wharton County Jr College and have been great friends ever since. Laura has such a sweet spirit & is definitely a friend anyone would be honored to have.

Laura packed up her Houston home & headed out West to California...lucky for me, I-10 runs right through San Antonio so I was able to see her before she headed out to California with a U-haul full of years & memories. While I know Laura "Duck" is scared to death about making this move...I am VERY excited for her! Nothing like a new beginning, in a new place - esp in Orange County California. I can NOT wait to go visit! I know God has amazing plans for Laura out in Cali & I wish her only the BEST! She deserves nothing less...

As a going away gift, I made Laura & Alan (her boyfriend) a goodie/roadie basket full of home-baked treats (Cowgirl cookies, seasoned oyster crackers, sausage/cheese balls & chocolate dipped macaroons)...each thing was baked with a heart full of love & best wishes!!!

Here are a few photos of Duck & I over the years...

Duck & Nanners on my Aggie ring day! Whoop!!

A friend is one who strengthens you with prayers, blesses you with love and encourages you with hope. Duck, we love you very much! Can't wait to come visit you in Cali - until then...never look behind for you might miss what's ahead :) Hugs & Kisses!!!

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  1. Nancy,
    It was a pleasure meeting both you and your husband on Sunday! I wish the circumstances were a little better, instead of on the side of the road, in the heat!! :)
    The basket you made was absolutely wonderful, I loved the "cowgirl Cookies" and I am not a big fan of sweets!
    I also very much appreciate your words of wisdom and support of Laura on this journey. As you know it was a very difficult decision for her. Your advice and support as a very close friend means the world to her.
    Thank you, Thank you!!
    I look forward to your visit, I know it will be a lot of fun. Just do your best to make sure Allen comes, I think I will be in a world of hurt with a house full of women :) Please take care congrats and good luck with the new digs!!